New user:
If you haven't signed up for Jibble yet (you don't have an account yet), click on This Link to create an account.

Existing user:
If you have an account and you are on the free plan you can upgrade to the power plan:

  1. Log in 
  2. Go to Settings -> Subscriptions
  3. Click the button Choose Plan under the Power Plan
  4. You are now on the Power Plan and you'll note that you have 14 day trial
  5. Within the next 14 days you should fill in your payment and billing details by clicking the button under Monthly Active Users (MAUs).  As long as you provide your credit card and billing details there will be no disruption to your service

When the trial period ends your credit card will be charged and your first bill will be $10 (i.e. $2 x 5).  This is because the power plan includes 5 monthly users. Your next bill will take into account how many MAUs are being used during the month, and as you can see there is a counter. You will be charged the additional $2 for each additional MAU (assuming you have more than 5).  
You can read more about your bill/invoice calculation here. Note: There is no credit provided for using less than 5.  

At the moment, only credit card and PayPal can be used to make monthly payments. Chargebee is used for billing and invoicing but does not hold the credit card information.  All credit card information is stored by our payment gateway provider Braintree Payments (owned by PayPal).  

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