The Jibble Attendance Kiosk is a great way to keep track of your staff on your physical site. You can use selfies as biometric verification for your staff's attendance. All you need is an iPad or Android Tablet with a stand/enclosure and you can set this up.
You can read more about iPad enclosures in our blog post.

Step 1 - Install Jibble on your mobile device

You can download Jibble for your iPad or Android from iTunes or Google Play

  • If you already have an account, simply log in with your username and password.

  • If you don't have an account, you can register in the app directly, or through the web app. Learn more about setting up Jibble for the first time here

Step 2 - Configure the app
Once you have logged in, make sure you check out the app settings. Hit the little gear icon and you will see a screen that looks like this (iPad example):

Select Team
If you have multiple teams you can switch them here. 

NOTE: It is possible to add team members from multiple teams into one kiosk with the Mobile+ Power-up. Check out this article to learn how to do that.

Team Members
View and edit team members' details instantly when you tap on this option.

Multiple Teams in one Kiosk
For businesses with multiple teams, you can now have all the team members jibble in/out on one kiosk! Make sure that every team enables their Kiosk+ power up for this option to work.

Camera for Selfies
We always advice to enable this. When enabled, a photo will be taken every time someone jibbles in or out .

Kiosk Mode
Make sure this is enabled to use your tablet in Kiosk mode. Otherwise your device will function as a personal time tracker.

When you enable the Mobile+ Power Up you will have access to a great deal of additional features such as:

  • Passcode - Once activated, users will be requested to key in their personal passcode when they clock in. Don't forget to activate the passcode power-up first.

  • Kiosk Offline Mode - You can keep using the kiosk even if you setup the iPad in a location without an Internet access. 

  • Personal Offline Mode - Without any Internet connection, you can now jibble in and out in personal mode, useful for team members that work in areas with bad reception or no WiFi access. 

  • Screensaver (with passcode) - Useful when you setup your kiosk in public places so outsiders will not be able to see the team members on the screen

Check out this article to learn more about Mobile+.

Step 3 - Jibbling In/Out
Once everything is set up, your staff can start Jibbling in / out with a selfie and/or passcode.

Step 4 - Verifying the data in the action log/timesheets and Facial Recognition
As a manager, you will have access to all the Jibbles in the action log and timesheets.
For example, if you would go to Sani's daily sheet in the example below, you'll see that he had 2 Jibbles and we can verify it's him by that beautiful selfie! 

When you enable the Facial Recognition Power-Up, all jibbles are automatically audited and verified by the software. So when an unrecognised face jibbles in/out, you will receive an e-mail that there is a "suspicious jibble". A great way to prevent buddy punching! Read more in this help article.

Lastly, don't forget to check out Guided Access mode.  This will prevent your users from fiddling with other apps on the iPad so it becomes a dedicated time clock console for your location as opposed to a game console on breaks!  See this help article for Guided Access

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