We offer two paid plans which can be paid either monthly or annually.

Monthly Plan

If you are on a monthly paid plan, there is always a minimum cost of 3 Monthly Active Users (MAUs) which is charged at the beginning of your payment period (month). Depending on your plan the cost could $6 (Attendance Pro), or $12 (Desktop Pro). 

During the billing cycle (1 month), we calculate the total number of MAUs in your team. You will be charged for the additional MAUs (in excess of the first 3) at the end of the billing cycle.

An MAU is a user that is registered as active in a specific month. Active users are those who:

  • Jibble in/out 
  • Log in to the web/mobile app (for example Admins)
  • Use of any Jibble Bot or API functions

Billing Example

Let's say Daniel has a team of 50 staff in trial. When his trial ends on the 4th of July, he decides to purchase the Attendance Pro Plan at $2 per user/month. He is charged $2 * 3 = $6 (minimum).
Out of Daniel's 50 staff, many are now using Jibble and the MAU count has gone up to 33 so he is charged an additional $60 (because he already paid $6) at the end of the billing cycle.

Multiple Teams

If you have more than one team, each team will be charged separately. This means that, for every team, you will have a minimum charge of 3 members. 

Annual Plan

Annual plans work a bit differently from monthly plans, as we don’t charge per Monthly Active User. Instead you will purchase a number of licenses needed for the 12 months up front. There is no minimum number of licenses required.  

Depending on your plan, these licenses are either $18 (Attendance Pro) or $36 (Desktop Pro) per user/year.

Once you’ve selected the number of licenses during the subscription process you will be charged the full amount of licenses for the entire year.

  • Licenses are non-refundable or exchangeable during the year
  • You can always add more licenses to your annual plan. Read more about that in this article.
  • Annual plans are automatically renewed unless cancelled before the expiration date.
  • You can always reduce the number of licenses that you need. However these changes will only come into effect when you renew your contract 

Licenses vs. Monthly Active Users (MAUs)

Monthly Active Users are users that log in or track time during a specific month. Licences (or seats) are purchased for a duration of 12 months. 

A license is used when:

  • A user that was invited, has accepted the invitation and created an account (logged in to the system).
  • A user is created (or imported) into your Jibble team regardless if they log in or not

A rule of thumb: If a user is available in your Team page, the user will take up a license.

Users that have been removed from the team do not take up a license any more.

Billing Example

Angela runs an engineering company with 43 staff members that clock in and out every day. On 4 July 2018, she decides to sign up for the Annual Attendance Pro Plan at $1.50 per user/month ($18 user/year) and purchases 45 licenses. 

On 4 July 2018 billing date: Angela purchased 45 licenses at $1.50 a license/month, for a duration of 12 months in total. Her total charge is $810. The expiry date is on 4 July 2019.

On 18 January 2019, Angela realizes that she used up all 45 licenses and she needs an additional 20. She can purchase these from the Subscription page and will be prorated until her contract expiry date. 

So the additional purchase would look like this:

  • 20 licenses* $1.50/month = $30/month 
  • From 18 January 2019 until 4 July 2019 = 184 days =  5.49 months

On the 18 January 2019 billing date:

The additional charge for the license: $30 x 5.49 months = $164.70 until the 4th July 2019

On the 4 July 2019 billing date: When the contract expires, the subscription is automatically renewed. If Angela does not decide to adjust her total number of licenses, she will be charged the new number of licenses (45+20) at $1.50 per license/month. 

So the new charge would be 65 licenses x $1.5 x 12 months = $1170 until 4 July 2020.

If Angela decides to add or remove users  during these 12 months, the new number of users will be part of the renewed charge.

Note: If you are from the EU and do not enter a valid EU Registered VAT number, VAT will be added to your invoice. You can add your VAT number under "billing information"

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