Mobile+ is a free upgrade to the Jibble Attendance Kiosk and personal mode on mobile. Mobile+ extends the basic features by adding an additional layer of security passcodes on the iPad Kiosk.

It enables you to use both Personal and Kiosk mode offline as well if there is an unreliable wifi connection or the device is placed in an area with no internet connection.

Setting Up Mobile+

You can enable Mobile+ from the Power-Ups Page for free. When enabled you will see an additional menu in your iPad or Android device:

1. Passcodes 

With passcodes, you can give all your staff members a personal code that they need to use to jibble in/out when in Kiosk mode. Check out the passcode article to learn more about how this works

2. Offline Mode
When offline mode is enabled, your data will be stored only on your device. You can see this by the icon in the top left corner. 

Note that as long as your device is in Offline Mode, all entries made in that mode will not show up on the website, or via other devices, as it is not connected to the cloud.
You will have to reconnect to the Internet to synchronise your data with the web app (

We recommend to do this at the end of every workday if possible. Offline mode can be enabled when using either Kiosk or Personal mode. Read more about it here. 

3. Hide Log
When enabled, the In/Out Log will be hidden from all team members.

4. Screensaver
If you use the attendance Kiosk in public places, you can also setup a screensaver with or without a special password so only staff members will be able to view the system. If you are using Passcodes then you can also enable a staff member's passcode to be used to unlock the screensaver too. Read more about that in this help article.

5. Use Multiple Teams In One Kiosk
You can add team members from different teams in one kiosk. Read more about that in this help article.

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