A great way to track and manage attendance for field staff, is by allowing a team manager/foreman to clock everyone in from his personal device (iOS or Android) in Kiosk Mode.

Example: David has an Air Conditioning Servicing company with 10 teams, all consisting of about 4 staff members. Throughout the day the teams are sent out to different sites (clients) across the city.
For payroll and quality control purposes, David needs to know when and where his staff is working

He chooses to give his team leads (1 per team) the responsibility for the team attendance.

The setup

  1. All team leads are given admin access to the system with the Collaboration Power-Up so they can login to a mobile device in Kiosk Mode

  2. GPS locations are captured with mobile devices by enabling the Geolocation Power-Up

  3. All team leads log in the Jibble App for iOS or Android on their phone and set it up in Kiosk Mode so they can select their staff members when Jibbling in/out.

Jibbling In/Out the staff members

Let's say a Team Leader named Alfred has a job in the morning in London. As soon as his team arrives he:

  1. Opens the Jibble app and sets it up in Kiosk Mode

  2. Enables his GPS so geolocation is available (he ensures that the Camera for Selfies and Record Location is enabled too)

  3. Goes to the In/Out screen and selects the team member 

   4. Switches to the back camera

   5. Jibbles the team members in one-by-one with the back camera taking a picture           of  their face

At the end of the shift he performs the same action but Jibbles them out again.

Viewing the data

David can log in to app.jibble.io any time to see who's working where at the moment, or download timesheets for payroll.

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