The Jibble bot in Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) is a very efficient way to track your time for free without leaving your MS Teams channel. To set this up you will need:

  • An existing MS Teams account

  • Team Owner permissions in MS Teams of your channel. 

Method 1 - Click the Add to Microsoft Teams button from

This is the easiest way to get everyone using Jibble. You can also click on this link, then follow instructions from Method 2 below. 

Method 2 - Add the Microsoft Teams Integration from within the Jibble app

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Enable Microsoft Teams > Microsoft Teams Icon

2. You will be guided to the Microsoft Teams website and asked to launch Microsoft Teams. From that page click "Open Microsoft Teams" to get started.

 3. If you have multiple teams, select the team where you want to use Jibble:

Your Microsft Teams Integration is now complete!

Once ready, your team can use the Jibble bot (in Chats)


  • A Microsoft Teams user can only use Jibble if they have been added to the Jibble web app. You can add users through the web app: How do I add users to my team?, or from Microsoft Teams through the invite command.

  • Users can also add themselves from Microsoft Teams. A person who simply tries to use one of the Jibble commands will be prompted to join Jibble and will get directed to the web app.

  • You can only integrate one Jibble team to one MS Teams (tenant ID specific)

  • If your MS Teams email is different, you can change that in Jibble app by going to Team > Select your Name > Profile > Update the email under Microsoft Teams > Click Save.

  • Notifications in MS teams channel can be set:
    1. Open channel in which you want notifications to appear and run command @Jibble notify on to enable
    2. Run @Jibble notify off to disable
    3. Run command @Jibble notify status to check notification status

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