A team can have multiple team administrators who can manage members, timesheets, adjust power-ups and edit subscription details if necessary. 

You can assign as many admins as you would like by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Team Page

  2. Select the team member that you want to adjust

  3. Go to the “Team Info” tab

  4. Select click on the dropdown for role and select “Team Admin

  5. Save

That's it!  If the user was logged in as a Normal Member they will need to logout and login again (or perform a hard refresh, on Windows this is Control + F5, for Mac this is Shift + CMD + R).  

If you would like to assign multiple team members, you simply repeat steps 1 to 5 for another user,


Jack owns a construction company with 10 employees. He's not overseeing them on a day to day basis because he has a Michael, the Project Manager who's doing that.

His team structure looks like this:

Jack explored Jibble a little bit and after a demo he decides that the team can definitely make use of the software. However Michael needs to set that up so he assigns him the admin role. So in the Jibble team:

  • Jack is Team Owner

  • Michael is Team Admin

  • All staff members are a Normal Member

You can read more about the different roles here.

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