Team Managers can only edit/view the team members that they have been assigned to by the Admin/Owner.

Step 1: Assigning the team manager role

  1. Go to the Team Page

  2. Select the team member that you want to adjust

  3. Go to the “Profile” tab

  4. Select “Change Role” for roles and select “Manager

  5. "Save"

That's it! If the user was logged in as a Normal Member they will need to log out and log in again (or perform a hard refresh, on Windows this is Control + F5, for Mac, this is Shift + CMD + R).  

By default this manager is not assigned to anyone so you will need to assign each team member individually to the team member:

Step 2 Assigning Team Members To Team Managers

  1. Go to the Team Page

  2. Select the team member that you want to assign a manager to

  3. Go to the "Profile” tab

  4. Click on the dropdown for “Managed by” and select the name for the dedicated team manager

  5. Save

This team member is now managed by the assigned manager.

David is the team owner of a company looking to set up Jibble. He has the following company structure:

David is not actively involved because Michael runs the business on a day to day basis. Jessica and Antoine are both team leads that need to manage their respective teams.

When David invites all of his team members, they all have the Team Member role by default. He will assign the following roles based on the setup above (step 1):

  • Michael: Team Admin (for both teams)

  • Jessica: Team Manager (Team A)

  • Antoine: Team Manager (Team B)

After this he goes to all the team members per team (step 2) and assigns the right managers:

  • Angela, Michelle, and Micky will have Jessica as a team manager

  • Daniel, Alexander, and Jim will have Antoine as a team manager

That’s it! With this setup, Michael will be able to view, edit and adjust everything in the system, but Antoine and Jessica can only view, edit and manage their own team members and their time entries. 

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