When Mobile+ is enabled, you have the possibility to use your Kiosk for Multiple Teams to Jibble In/Out on.

How it works:

1. Make sure that all your teams have the Kiosk+ Power-Up enabled

2. In your app settings switch on "Multiple Teams In One Kiosk"

3. Tap your team name ("Marketing" in this example) and you will see your additional teams that you can enable for this Kiosk. Tap the team names that you want to enable, a blue check will appear.

4. Hit "Save" and go back to Kiosk Mode.

That's it! When you go to your In/Out screen, you can now see that all team members from both teams are available in the Kiosk.

Angela runs a manufacturing plant with two teams that both have their own tablets on site: Production (in the factory) and HR (in the office). Her company structure is like this:

Both teams have set a tablet on their sites for staff to Jibble In/Out. However, the HR staff (Percy, Brooke and Mack) do need to be at the production site twice a week.

To prevent Angela from setting up a new tablet for the HR Team, she can set up the tablet at the Production site with multiple teams by following the steps above.

When the tablet is set up Percy, Brooke and Mack from the HR team will also appear in the list of staff members. 

Jibbling In/Out is exactly the same as before, although the time captured for the HR staff is only visible in the HR team on the web app.

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