Activities and Clients can be disabled (archived) when you don't need them any more. This is especially useful when you have multiple lots of temporary/changing activities. 

The activities and clients will still be visible in all timesheets, reports and exports, however your team members will not be able to track time on them anymore

Disabling Activities or Clients:

The step by step instruction below is based on Activities but this also applies to Clients:

1. Go to Settings > Activities
2. Select the Activities that you want to disable and click on the Archive Icon on the right

3. That's all! Your staff members can't Jibble In/Out from this activity anymore, although you can still view the data

You can restore or permanently delete the activities to by going to the "Removed Activities" tab. Note that, permanently deleting activities can have an impact on your timesheets. Time entries with those activities deleted will be tracked under "Other".

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