Is Jibble free?
Yes it is! The Free plan is 100% free to use, forever. You and your staff will be able to clock in/out with facial recognition and geolocation for accurate attendance data, with access to selfies and timesheets.

Which plan should I choose for my company?

The Free plan is our most popular plan. It's great for companies who need to ensure accurate attendance data, and have remote staff or need to track hours for payroll. You'll have access to:

Premium is great for companies who need the ability to set user policies, approve timesheets, export data and set multiple user levels. You’ll have access to:

Ultimate is great for office (desktop) based companies that track time for clients or want more insight into staff’s desktop activity. You’ll have access to all the power-ups in the Premium Plan, plus: 

We release new features as either separate power-ups or improve/add-to existing power-ups.

Read more about the difference between the Premium and Ultimate Plans

Do I need a credit card to sign up and try Jibble?
No. You can try pro plans of Jibble for free for 14 days.

How is my bill/invoice calculated?

If you’re on an Annual Plan, you will purchase licenses upfront for a year (at a 25% discount). These licenses can be re-used by different team members. There is no minimum requirement.

If you're on a Monthly Plan, you purchase licenses upfront for the month at full price and the licenses in use will be renewed on a monthly basis. Note that there is a minimum purchase of 3 licenses when you opt for monthly billing.

You can read more about the billing calculation here.

Can I cancel my subscription?
You can request for cancellation of your subscription at any time.

Cancellations will only come into effect at the end of your billing cycle. Refunds are not provided for cancellations. 

Read more about changing or cancelling your plan here.

Do you also offer an Enterprise plan?
We sure do! If your company has over 100 staff we can offer dedicated support and customized onboarding/training. The pricing will be dependent on several factors so it's best to send us a message here:

Is my credit card information secure?
They are safe. We don’t collect credit card details but use the trusted 3rd party Braintree Payments credit card gateway (a PayPal owned company).  Your credit card details will be held by them in their secure digital vault.

Can you provide our team with discounts on the paid plans?
We believe Jibble is priced very competitively. Whilst that may be the case, we realise organisations are not equal. Please write to us at detailing your organisation's needs.

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