If you are on an new subscription plan (after 5 September 2018), please refer to this article.

The Power Plan starts at base cost of $10/month which includes 5 Monthly Active Users (MAUs).  

For any additional MAUs you will be charged $2 per user/month. These additional users will be charged to your next month's bill

An MAU is a user that is registered as active in a specific month. Active users are those who:

  • Jibble in/out 
  • Log in to the web app 
  • Use of any Jibble Bot or API functions

Billing Example

Let's say Daniel has a team of 50 staff, not all of them are active in the month. His 14 day free trial on the Power Plan is ending on the 4th of July and he decides to enter his credit card information before then so that his service is not disrupted.

On the 4 July billing date: Daniel is charged $10 for the base cost of the power plan (which includes 5 users) for the month of July, even though he may have 15 MAUs at this point.  Note: These additional users are not counted in the first bill

Now let's say before the next billing date (4 August), out of Daniel's 50 staff, many are now using Jibble and the MAU count has gone up to 33

On the 4 August billing date: Daniel will receive his new invoice of $64, which includes:

  1. The $10 power plan cost for this new month of August. 
  2. And an additional $54 for the 27 additional MAUs that occurred in July.  Note: 27 additional users was calculated from the 33 MAUs - 5 users (that were already paid for previously in July's invoice)

From an accounting perspective in: -

4 July Invoice: $10 is a pre-payment for the service of Jibble a month ahead (i.e. most of July and few days of August)

4 August Invoice: $10 is a pre-payment for the service of Jibble a month ahead and $54 (the add-ons) is an accrual for the service of Jibble that already occured in July

Multiple teams

If you have more than one team, each team will be charged separately. This means that for every team you will have a base cost ($10) that includes 5 members, and an additional cost of $2 per user/month.

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