You can force users to Jibble In/Out from a specific location (geofence) by using the Geolocation Power-Up combined with Policies.

1. Setting up a saved Location:

Before you get started, make sure that you have enabled both the Geolocation (and optionally) the Policies Power-Up.

  1. Login to and go to Settings > Locations and click "Add Location".

  2. Give your location a name e.g. "London Headquarters".

  3. Make sure to fill in the address and hit "search". Double check if the marker pointed out your location on the map.  If not you can move the marker.

  4. Set the range that your employees need to be in to be able to Jibble In/Out.  It is advised to be at least 20m due to GPS inaccuracy and the circle should easily cover the location premises.

  5. Go to the "Assigned Team members" tab and select the team members that are allowed to work at this location.

  6. Don't forget to hit save.

2. Forcing employees to Jibble In/Out from a specific location (geofencing):

You can restrict your team members from jibbling In/Out from any other location than the one assigned to them. Take note that team owners and admins are not affected by this restriction.

  1. Make sure that your team members are assigned to a location (step 5 above)

  2. Go to Settings > Policies and ensure that the field "Require team members to Jibble In/Out of an authorised location" is set to "Required"

  3. Save.

3. Clocking In/out
Staff members can clock In/Out as usual. However, if a staff member tries to clock In/Out without being in range of the assigned location, a warning message is shown:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't enforce the policy then your staff will receive a warning on their mobile-only but will STILL be able to jibble in/out.

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