At Jibble, we invest a lot of our time and money into finding new clients and businesses that we can help improve their workforce management. We would love to share some of that investment with you!

Step 1: Think of your best friend / partner / acquaintance that can benefit from Jibble!

Preferable business owners like yourself. Many companies can benefit from Jibble as Time & Attendance solution.
A very important factor to this success is to inform them beforehand. Just a simple "Hey, I just referred you to Jibble so someone from their time will reach out and explain it to you". will do.

Step 2: Share your referral's details

Fill in this referral form. Don't forget to be as detailed as possible about your friends information.

Step 3: We will reach out to your friend for an intro

One of our experts will reach out to your friend for a introduction call and explain a bit more about the tool and get them onboarded.

Step 4: Receive your reward!

Once your referral has subscribed and paid at least $100 in subscription fees, we will share that first $100 with you in the form of an Amazon or Starbucks gift card!

Terms & Conditions of the Jibble Referral Program - updated 17 June 2019

  • The Jibble customer referral program is for staff members of existing paying Jibble customers only.
  • The terms and conditions of the referral program are subject to change at Jibble Tech Sdn Bhd’s sole discretion.
  • In the event that a referred customer is already part of the Jibble database (i.e. someone has already signed up, or sent us an e-mail before), no gift card will be rewarded. 
  • If you are employed with one of the Jibble Partner Companies, (i.e. an accountant, re-seller etc.), you will not be eligible to participate in this referral program.

Incentive scheme: 

  • Whenever a recommended lead signs up to the Jibble platform and at least US$100 in subscription fees have been collected, a US$100 gift card of your choice (Amazon / Starbucks) will be offered to you.
  • A maximum of 5 referrals per individuals is allowed. For each recommendation, we’ll reward you with a US$100 voucher upon collecting the same amount in subscription fees.
  • The referral program is valid until 30 August 2019.
  • Referrals have to be submitted via this form.
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