When tracking time on mobile devices, it could happen that internet connections are unstable or disappear. It is for this reason we've developed Offline mode for mobile devices so staff members can keep jibbling In/Out, even when in remote areas. This feature is free to use.

Setting up offline mode for your staff

To set up offline mode for your team you will need to: 

  1. Activate the Mobile+ power-up: Go to Power-Ups > Mobile+ and enable the power-up for your team

  2. Explain to your staff that they can now jibble in and out while offline: That's it! If needed, you can switch off offline mode for all team members with the Policies power-up.

Disable the offline mode policy for team members in Settings > Policies

Staff can start using offline mode once they see the toggle above in their Settings screen.

How it works

When offline mode is enabled, staff members can Jibble In/Out as usual, however IF the internet connection disappears they will still be able to clock in out:

  1. You can recognize offline mode by the indicator on the screen

  2. All time entries are saved on the device, so keep in mind that you have to connect back to the internet to make sure the data is synced with the server before it’s available on web.

  3. Some policies might not work in offline mode (see below)*

  4. The Home and Timesheet screens are disabled when there is no internet connection. 

Offline view in kiosk mode

Offline view in personal mode

Limitations when using Offline Mode:

There are limitations when it comes to using offline mode especially when in personal offline mode. There are certain features that will be disabled and policies that will be ignored when there is no Internet connection. The following policies will be ignored: 

  1. Server clock (We can’t check the server without an internet connection) 

  2. Geolocation and geofencing (We can’t verify a location without an internet connection)

Screens such as the Home and Timesheet screens will also be disabled when there is no connection.

Identifying Offline Entries

When a user adds a time entry when offline, it will be indicated on the time entry modal and the timesheet views.

The time entry modal 

On the time entry modal you will see text mentioning that the entry has been added while offline as shown in the screenshot below. 


There will be a red indicator next to the entry on the daily timesheet, next to the day during which the entry was made on the weekly timesheet view and next to the week during which the entry was made on the monthly timesheet view.

Daily Timesheet View

Weekly Timesheet View

Monthly Timesheet View

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