When you enable the Collaboration power-up, you can setup your team with different roles to enable or disable access to data and features of Jibble


There are 4 different roles available when the Collaboration Power-Up is enabled:

“Normal” Team Members are your staff members that need to Jibble In/Out in the way that you want them to. Rules and restrictions setup in Policies apply to these team members. 

Team members can be "Managed By" Team Managers.  For those they manage, they can then:

  • View/Edit their timesheets
  • Access team info
  • Reports applicable to themselves and their team members

If you have staff members that need to administer and access mostly everything then make them Team Admins. This includes assigning roles and even editing subscriptions details. 

Typically only a few users have will be assigned this role.

Every team has only one Team Owner, the creator of the team, and they have all the same rights as Team Admins but in addition they can never be removed. They can be changed though.  Just shoot us a message if you need to do this.

NOTE: If you have multiple teams and want to enabled consolidated invoicing when paying subscription, then the team owner will need to be the same.

Adjusting Roles

When the Collaboration Power-Up is enabled, follow the steps below to adjust the team member roles:

  1. Go to the Team Page
  2. Select the team member that you want to adjust
  3. Go to the “Team Info” tab
  4. Select click on the dropdown for role and select “Team Admin / Team Manager”
  5. Save

In the example above, this user would now be a Team Admin. If he was logged in as a Normal Member they will need to logout and login again (or perform a hard refresh, on Windows this is Control + F5, for Mac this is Shift + CMD + R).  

You can learn more about the different roles in the articles below:

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