With the Timesheet Approvals feature, team members can submit timesheets for managers to review and approve or reject for payroll.

How it works:

  • When approvals are setup, your team members will need to submit their timesheets when a weekly, bi weekly or monthly period ends.

  • Managers will receive a notification to review, approve or reject these timesheets. Once timesheets are approved, they can't be adjusted anymore.

Read more about it in this help article.

Setting up the approval rules:

Navigate to Settings > Approvals, and adjust the following:

  1. Pay Period start date: The first day of your pay period (can be in the past). If you have existing time entries, the timesheets for approval will be generated immediately.
    Tip: make sure to set your pay period to some time in the past so you can already approve some timesheets (if you have time tracked)

  2. Pay Period: These are the periods that you'd like to approve or reject. You can review weekly (7 days), bi-weekly (14 days) or monthly time sheets.

  3. Automatically submit timesheets: If team members forget to submit their timesheets, you set up an auto-submission for them.

  4. Remind approvers to review submitted timesheets: Send an email reminder to managers and admins when timesheets have been submitted.

  5. Remind team members to submit timesheets: Send an email reminder to team members to submit their timesheets after a pay period has ended.

  6. Hit ‘Save’. If you have time tracked, you'll be able to view those timesheets from the Approvals Page once the pay period has ended.

In the example above, we've set a pay period at 1 January 2020 and set it to a bi-weekly period. If today is 15 January 2020, we would generate approval timesheets for every member from 1 January 2020 until 14 January 2020

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