If you created a user account without an email the system will automatically generate a dummy email for that user. Typically you only create users without an email address in case they'll track their attendance via a Kiosk device.

If later on you decide that you want the user to have access to their own account and use the web app or personal mobile app, they must have their own account and set a password.

  1. As the admin, log in to the web app (app.jibble.io)

  2. Go to "Team"

  3. Select the member's name then go to the Profile tab

  4. Update the email address

  5. Click "Save"

6. Have the member set their password from this link
7. The user will receive an email to set a password to log in to his account.

If you created the user account with an email address but did not select the Invite option, you can simply ask him to set password (follow step 6) using the registered email they use.

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