Team members can be removed from your Jibble team, either temporarily by removing only or permanently by deleting.

Removing a member

The "Remove Member" button removes the member from your team so they are hidden from all lists, timesheet views, reports, and notifications. They will appear to have completely disappeared.   

To remove a team member, just go to Team > Select Team Member > Profile > Remove Member

That’s all. Your team member is now removed from all views and access to the website/mobile app is revoked too. If you are on an Annual Plan, the team member is also not counted as a used license anymore.

Recovering / Restoring a team member:

Removed members can be recovered if necessary. To do this go to: Team > Removed Members > Select member > Profile > Restore

Voila! They are back again in the People list. You would typically just remove a member since you may want to restore them to generate historic reports in the future. You will also note that the member's email appears to be still in use, i.e. another person can't use their email address if they try to sign up.

The only way to completely wipe this user and any data or email account associated with them is by deleting them.  

Deleting a member

The Delete button removes the member permanently from Jibble. All records for the member will be completely wiped out and are unlikely to be recoverable. Therefore, use it carefully, please.

Only once you've archived can you delete. 

Go to: Team > Removed Members > Select member > Profile > Delete

Generally, you would only ever use Remove, especially if the user starts to use Jibble and has records associated with their account. Delete should only be used if you added a user by mistake or were just testing.

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