There a 2 different notification types available: updates on timesheets & reports or notifications for Jibble In/Out behaviour.

Team admins/owners can receive updates on the team timesheets while normal members can only receive updates on their personal times.

Notifications can be adjusted from the Team page:

  • Team owners go to Team > Select Team Member > Team Info > Notifications

  • Team members go to Team > Team info > Notifications

You will see a screen that looks like this:

Timesheets & Report Updates

Team members can receive personal updates on their times while admins/owners can also receive more detailed reports about their team.

Personal Daily Timesheet (All members)

Subscribing to this alert will either send an email or slack message (depending on your jibble in method) displaying a list of the individual time entries/activities from the previous day.  Same view as the Daily Timesheet

If the alert is sent via Slack, it will look something like this

Personal Weekly Timesheet (All members)

The Personal Weekly Timesheet shows the total Jibbled activity from the previous week.  The time it is sent can be configured, however the day is set to the start of the week which is usually on Monday, although this can be changed for each team in Team settings.

Team's Daily Attendance (Team Admins/Owner only)

Subscribe to this alert to receive a snapshot of who is jibbled in at a specific time, and get a sense of how long your team worked the previous day or who forgot to jibble out.

Teams' Weekly Activities (Team Admins/Owner only)

This alert provides a list of all team members and how many hours they spent working the previous week and on what (i.e. if Activity Tracking or Client Billing power-ups are enabled). 

Other Notifications

Aside to the timesheet & report updates, it's possible to get notifications based on your Jibbled In/Out behaviour too.
These alerts can be sent through e-mail, Slack, in the web app, and mobile. Just select which channel(s) you prefer: 

Personal Jibbled In Reminder

You can use this reminder to notify yourself that you have been jibbled in for a specific amount of time. Often used as a reminder to switch tasks or jibble out.

Personal Start Time Missed Reminder

This reminder is only available when you enable the work schedules power-up. Based on the start time of your work schedule, you can receive a reminder that you have not jibbled in yet after the configured grace period.

Personal End Time Missed Reminder

Similar to the start time reminder, the only difference is that this notification is designed to remind to jibble out at the end of your day. 

Team Member Start Time Missed (for Admins/Managers/Owner Only)

This reminder will send you an alert if a member missed clocking in as per assigned schedule. Take note that your members need to enable their Personal Start Time Missed Reminder as well.

Team Member End Time Missed (for Admins/Managers/Owner Only)

Similar to the Team Member Start Time Missed reminder, the only difference is that this notification is designed to notify you if the member missed clocking out as scheduled. Note that they also need to enable their Personal End Time Missed Reminder for you to get this alert.

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