The Jibble Tracker for iOS can be setup as a kiosk app to track time or attendance of your staff.

For the full step by step process of setting up a kiosk environment for your app check out this help article: How to setup Jibble as a Biometric attendance machine

Once you are ready to setup Guided Access, these are the steps you need to take:

1. On your iPad, go to  Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access and then toggle on.  You can setup a passcode to disable guided access from here too or enable Touch Id to be used instead.  

2. Open up the Jibble Tracker app and then triple tap the Home button. 

3. Tap Start or select the options if you want to disable the sleep/awake buttons which we recommend.

The app will now be in guided access and behaves like a kiosk app that can't be tampered with.

To disable Guided Access triple click the Home button or tap once and use your Touch ID (if it was enabled)

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