The Passcode power-up was created to provide additional security for teams when using Jibble as an Attendance Tracker in Kiosk Mode. It is completely free to use.

It's possible to accidentally select someone else other than the person intended from the list of team members and then proceed to jibble in or out for that person unintentionally.  Although it can be caught at a later point, due to the selfie feature, it is entirely possible the unintended error may not be caught until much later. To prevent this from happening completely we introduced the Passcode power-up.  In addition to the above, it adds a layer of formality to the process of jibbling in and out and discourages a phenomenon known as "buddy punching".

Step 1 - Enable Mobile+from the Power-ups menu.

Once enabled, you will have access to an additional Passcode field on every member's profile page.

This 4-digit passcode has been randomly initialized for each team member and can be easily changed by the member themselves, from logging into the web app, or by a team admin.  Because it is not private to the individual member but also visible to team admins we would discourage anyone from changing it to their bank pin code!

Step 2 - Enable Passcode on each iPad or Android Tablet

To use Passcodes, you will need to enable it on every device first. Go to
Settings > Mobile+ > Passcode and toggle on: 

That's it! From now on every team member needs to enter their personal passcode to jibble in/out. 

Besides Passcode, you notice that will have a few more options like:

  • Offline Mode - Use the Jibble Kiosk without an internet connection

  • Hide Log - Hide the log from your team members

  • Display Screensaver - A screensaver will turn on after a specific set time. Useful if you've set up your Kiosk in Guided Access mode

Have a look at all the Mobile+ features in this article.

Step 3 - Tell your members to retrieve their passcode

  1. A member can log into Jibble through the web browser and just read it from the Team Info page as described above in step 1

  2. Retrieve it through email

  3. Retrieve it through SMS (the member will need to ensure their mobile number has been entered in their personal settings)

NOTE: If for whatever reason the above is not doable at the time of needing to jibble in/out, then a member can request the team admin logged into the kiosk to confirm the member's identity.  The team admin will need to enter their passcode to confirm.

If you need to confirm the physical attendance of your staff then you should look into setting up Jibble as a Biometric Attendance Machine.  You should also check out our help article on setting up Guided Access for Jibble if you are using an iPad.

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