After you enable Client Billing from the Power-ups menu, you will first need to add clients.

Adding Clients 

You can either create clients from the web app or import them from a CSV file. To create them in the web app:

  • Go to Settings > Clients > Add Client

  • Type the Client name and/or description 

  • Add a Client Code (if applicable). This code can be alphanumeric (e.g., 3A) and be used to jibble in the Slack/ MS-teams bot as well. Take note that you cannot use code '0' as that is used for 'no client' option

  • If you have specific team members you would like to be involved with this client, you can add them under the “Associated Members”. Only these assigned team members can use this specific client code

  • Click Save

If you prefer to import clients make sure that you download this template file first.

  1. Open the file in any spreadsheet program

  2. As you can see there is only 1 column that you need to update

  3. Save the file as CSV

  4. Go to Settings > Clients > Import Client and upload the file

Note: You can only import 200 Clients at a time

Assigning Activities To Clients

Once you've added a client you can associate activities with them. You can do this by going to Settings > Activities and edit the existing activities or add a new one. 

By default, an activity is assigned to all clients, unless you specify it. If the activity is billable, select the client from the drop-down menu. 

If the activity is not billable, make sure that the field is blank.

In this example, a user can only clock in for “Media Ads - Ad Performance Reporting” when they also select one of the related clients to jibble in on as well.

Assigning Team Members To Clients

By default, all clients are visible to all team members. However you can also assign specific team members to a client, so others won’t see it.

Go to Settings > Clients and assign a member under the Members Associated tab:

Selecting Billable Rate Currency

You can setup different currencies for when you run reports (for example for Job Costing). To set that up, go to Settings > Team Details > Client Billing Currency.

Adding Billable Rate for Individuals

Each individual can have a separate billing rate. You can set this up by going to their team info page: click on Team > Click Person > Billable Rate (under "Team Info")


Client Reporting

Essential at the end of the month, when you need to generate invoices for clients.

Reports > Group By: Client > Filter Box “Client Name

You can see this reporting overview on your web app.

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