Slack is a great way to use Jibble, and it's completely free. To set this up you will need:

  • An existing Slack account

  • Team Owner permissions in Slack of your channel. You can read more about that here

Note: Your Jibble account email should match with your Slack email

This is how you can set up Jibble in Slack on the Jibble web app. 

a. Go to Jibble's Settings > Integrations > Click on the Cogwheel button > Add to Slack

b. You can log in to your Slack team if you don't see it listed OR select the Slack team from the ones listed

c. Then select a channel where all your Jibble notifications will be posted, i.e. when a team member jibbles in or out.
In the example below, we post to the #random channel. But you could create a specific channel for these notifications.  You could also change the channel later by just running through the Slack setup process again which as you'll see doesn't take long.  

The Slack Integration is now complete!

Note: A slack user can only use Jibble if they have been added to the Jibble web app. You can add users through the web app: "How do I add users to my team?", or from Slack through the invite command.

Users can also add themselves from Slack. A person who simply tries to use one of the Jibble commands will be prompted to join Jibble and will get directed to the web app.

Once ready, your team can use the ‘jibble’ bot (see below) OR use the slash commands as in /jibble ....

Check out our help article for more detailed info on the commands: What are all the Jibble bot and slash commands?

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