Once you start tracking time, you can view all sorts of handy information from the Jibble dashboard. The dashboard consists of different “widgets” that give you basic information on your existing activities, and your team’s latest entries.

Your Weekly Activities

The weekly activities dashboard shows you an overview of all the time that you have tracked per activitiy in the current week. If you don’t have any activities, you will only see the number of hours worked.

Your Weekly Times

A quick overview of all your hours spent per day of the week:

Who’s In/Out (only on web)

A quick overview of who is actually clocked in at the moment.

The Team Action Log (aka The List Of Time Entries)

When you view the Jibble action log from the web app, mobile or the Chrome extension, you might have noticed that there are quite a few icons being used if your team members use different ways to Jibble in.

From this action log screen you can:

  1. View a list of time entries with different channel icons, timestamps, notes, activities & clients
  2. View details of each time entry


Web: This icon will show when someone Jibbles in/out through the Jibble web app (app.jibble.io).

Chrome: When someone uses the Google Chrome Extension, this Icon will appear.

Slack: The Slack indicator means someone Jibble in or out via the bot or a slash command in the Slack channel. Read more about setting up Jibble for slack here.

Mobile: This icon shows when users Jibble in/out on their phone.

The selfie: When someone Jibbles in/out with a selfie you will see the thumbnail there too.

Auto Jibble Out: If users forgot to Jibble out and Automatic Jibble Out from settings is enabled. The icon below will appear at their auto out time. Read more about Automatic Jibble Out

The Details Of Each Time Entry

If you click on any of the summary items from the team action log, a detailed modal will appear. The information shown is similar to the summary in the log except with some differences:

  • A larger selfie thumbnail is displayed assuming you have selfies enabled with mobile apps
  • If a jibble in/out entry was entered via the Web App, you'd see the person who entered it and the time they did so. In the example screenshot above you can see that Tony, a team admin added the entry for a team member Daniel on 2 June at 09.42 am for his jibble in entry of the same time 9.42am. The time he entered it could have been different, but in this example, it is the same.  A use case would be if a team member forgets to jibble in and then asks their supervisor/admin to jibble in manually for the time they arrived at work or started the activity.  At least it's clear who added it so you have an audit trail.

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