Once you start tracking time, you can view all sorts of handy information from the Jibble dashboard. The dashboard consists of different “widgets” that give you basic information on your existing activities, and your team’s latest entries.

Your Weekly Activities

The weekly activities dashboard shows you an overview of all the time that you have tracked per activity in the current week. If you don’t have any activities, you will only see the number of hours worked.

Your Weekly Times

A quick overview of all your hours spent per day of the week:

Who’s In/Out (only on web)

A quick overview of who is actually clocked in at the moment.

The Team Action Log (aka The List Of Time Entries)

From the action log widget you can view a list of historic actions made by your team members. At the moment the action log gives you detailed information for you to:

From this action log screen you can:

  1. View who jibbled in/out including the device and activity/client (if applicable).

  2. View who edited or deleted any time entries.

  3. View when someone else (manager) edits someone else’s time entry

  4. View details of each time entry by clicking to expand on the right. 

The Details Of Each Time Entry

If you click on any of the summary items from the team action log, a detailed slider will appear. From the detailed view you can:

  • Edit or delete the time entry (if you have the right permissions)

  • Check a historic log of actions (adjustments made) by clicking on the clock icon on the top right.

In this example above, you can see that Helena edited her clock-in time. If she included a reason for editing it, that would appear here too. Great for audits!

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