Geolocation is an extremely powerful add-on, especially for field service, sales and support staff. The feature is free to use for unlimited users.

With Geolocation your staff can Jibble In/out with their GPS coordinates. Leaving you with an accurate trail of where your staff is when they clock in or out.

To activate geolocation go to: Power-ups menu -> Geolocation -> Enable. Geolocation is now activated for all your team members using iOS or Android phones.

How it works:

  • When your team members Jibble in through their phone, they will be prompted to accept the app to use their location

  • When they Jibble In/Out, they will see a little map, indicating that their location will be recorded

  • When you go to an action log entry, you can look at a specific time entry and see the location where the in/out entry was made:

Enforcing your staff to use geolocation:

It is also possible to force your team to use geolocation so they can only Jibble In/Out when their location is recorded. 

All you need to do is 1) activate the Policies Power-Up and 2) set "Require team members using mobile to Jibble In/Out with their location" to "required".

Read more about the Policies Power-Up in this help article.

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