Client billing allows you to bill time against individual activities and it associates those activities with your clients. Remember to enable the 'Activity Tracking' power-up prior to activating client billing. You can associate a client with any activity or you can constrain an activity to 1 client. It all depends how you want it setup. After you enable Client Billing from the Power-ups menu you will first need to add clients.

1. Adding Clients

Settings > Clients > Add Client

2. Assigning Clients To Activities

Once you've added a Client you can associate Activities with them. So either edit the existing activities or add new activities. If the activity is billable, select the client from the drop down menu. For example 'Admin' is usually not a billable activity so in that case you would leave the Client drop down as blank. You can also choose to make an activity billable to any client like in the screenshot below. This will ensure the whole list of clients is available for selection when tracking time against activities

3. Select Billable Rate Currency

The app supports all currencies; select your desired currency under company settings.

Settings > Team Details > Client Billing Currency

4. Adding Billable Rate for Individuals

You add the billable rate on each individual's profile page

Team > Click Person > Billable Rate (under "Team Info")

5. Client Reporting

Essential at the end of the month when you need to generate invoices for Clients

Reports > Group By: Client > Filter Box “Client Name”

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