There are 5 different types of alerts that Team admins/owner can receive.  All other team members can receive 3 alerts. They are all accessible from the Team page:

  • Team owners go to Team > Select Team Member > Team Info
  • Team members go to Team > Team info

You will see a screen that looks like this:

For those who have enabled Slack, they can be accessed from the command "alerts".

Daily Log (All members)

Subscribing to this alert will either send an email or slack message (depending on your jibble in method) displaying a list of the individual time entries/activities from the previous day.  Same view as the Daily Timesheet

If the alert is sent via Slack, it will look something like this

Weekly timesheet (All members)

The Weekly Timesheet shows the total Jibbled activity from the previous week.  The time it is sent can be configured, however the day is set to the start of the week which is usually on Monday, although this can be changed for each team in Team settings.

Jibbled In Reminder (All members)

When subscribing to this alert you should specify when you want the reminder sent. It will be sent via email or Slack depending on how you jibble in time.  It's a reminder to let you know you are still jibbled in and hence you may want to jibble out or transfer to another activity by jibbling into it. Usually it is used in case you forget to jibble out and hence by default it is set to 9 hours.  Some team members may use it as a reminder that they've been working for a length of time on a specific activity or task.

Daily Status (Team Admins/Owner only)

Subscribe to this alert to receive a snapshot of who is jibbled in at a specific time, and get a sense of how long your team worked the previous day or who forgot to jibble out.

Weekly Digest (Team Admins/Owner only)

This alert provides a list of all team members and how many hours they spent working the previous week and on what (i.e. if Activity Tracking or Client Billing power-ups are enabled). 

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