Power-Ups are another word for "add-ons", which extend the functionality of Jibble to meet the needs of different companies. For example, a company may need to report on time spent by their staff on various activities/projects and others want to bill their time to Clients. However, not all companies want to do this, which is why these power-ups are not available by default. They need to be enabled from the Power-Ups menu by clicking on the Enabled button or the Configure button (e.g. for Slack)

Standard Power-ups

These are available to use on any plan, including the Basic (Free) Plan

Slack - enables use of Jibble inside a Slack team, which provides easy access to the app functionality.

Activity Tracking - enables companies to record time against projects or department activities.

Client Billing - enables time to be associated with Clients, for invoicing purposes.

Premium Power-ups

These require a subscription to the Power Plan.

Export - download individual or team timesheets as a spreadsheet

Collaboration - enables different roles and workflow to be allocated to users.  For example you can have multiple team admins

Policies - configure how jibble will be used by your team. You can enforce (or prevent) usage of specific channels and set which data is accessible/available.

Kiosk+ -  extend the functionality of your Attendance Management Kiosk. When enabled, you can require your staff to Jibble In/Out with a passcode, or use the Kiosk in offline mode when there is no internet access available.

Geolocation - with Geolocation, your staff can Jibble In/Out with the GPS location from their phone. You will have access to detailed reports with locations.

Facial Recognition - a great security measure to prevent "buddy punching". Your staff Jibbles In/Out, whenever there is a face mismatch (a suspicious entry) you will receive an e-mail! 

New power-ups are in development and existing ones are always being improved!

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