You can manually track your lunch or break time by creating this as an activity in the Activity Tracking power-up. 

1. Enable Activity Tracking 

From the dashboard, go to the power-ups page and hit "Enable". You can read more about setting the rest up here.

2. Create the "Break" Activity
From Settings > Activities, create a new activity and give it a logical name. If you are using Client Billing, make sure that you leave the client field blank.

3. Have your staff jibble in on the "Break" activity
That's it! The only thing your staff has to do is jibble in on their activity when they go on break. 

So for example:

  • 8.45AM - Start work.

  • 10.07AM - Switch to another task

  • 12.29PM - Go for lunch - I jibble in on "Break"

  • 1.17PM - Done with lunch and go back to work

  • 3.30PM - Having a coffee break - I jibble in on "Break"

  • 4PM - Done with coffee and back to work

  • 6.13 - Done for today.

The timesheet for this day would look like this:

As you can see, Sani took 1 hour and 18 minutes worth of breaks this day.

Now if you would look at the weekly overview, it would look something like this:

So the accumulated time spent on breaks in the week from 28 August until 3 September is 5 hours and 18 minutes, which was 11.1% of his total work time.

You can also set an automatic break deduction on the timesheets using the Work Schedule Power up. You can find out more about it from here.

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