Some team members don't have to track time or shouldn't be part of timesheets. For example a team admin often only needs to view and export timesheets and should not be involved in tracking time/attendance.  Same goes with a team owner or possibly some normal team members.

When you enable the Collaboration Power-Up you can exclude these members from:

  • Timesheets views

  • Alerts (updates/notifications)

  • Reports

  • Exports

So these members will still be able to track time if they wanted to (i.e. from the web app, mobile app, a bot, or chrome extension), as it's not a security policy, but it would be pointless because it would just be ignored.

Step by step instructions:

  1. When the Collaboration Power-Up is enabled, go to the Teams > Select Team Member > Team Info

  2. In the field that says "Exclude team member from time tracking" select Yes. 

  3. Click Save

That's all! This team member is now excluded from any time tracking lists. For managers, this user will not show up in any timesheet views, reports, export files, or alerts/notifications.

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