Integrations are 3rd party applications that work with Jibble. These are completely free to use, regardless of your plan. We currently have 3 integrations available, but more are definitely coming up soon!

You can find the integrations by going to Settings > Integrations:

Existing Integrations

At the moment, our integrations involve collaboration & payroll tools. 


When enabled, you can use the Jibble Bot on the left to track time, view your teams timesheets, receive alerts, and many more. You can also use slash commands to quickly perform Jibble Commands:

Microsoft Teams 

The Jibble bot is also available for Microsoft Teams users. When enabled, the bot will appear under chats:

You can interact with Jibble within Slack or Microsoft Teams using the Jibble bot. To learn more about how that works check out all the Jibble Bot commands.


For all our Malaysian users, PayrollPanda is a cloud payroll application designed to automate, simplify and improve your Malaysian payroll! With the integration you can export your timesheets into an upload-ready format.

More here.

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