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How does timesheet approvals work?
How does timesheet approvals work?
Use timesheet approval in your team to increase oversight in the payroll process
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Approvals are a handy feature for when you (or other managers) need to review team members' timesheets before sending it to payroll. With the approvals feature, you can:

  • Force team members to review their own hours after a period ends

  • Get them to submit those hours to managers for approval

  • Allow managers to review those hours and/or make adjustments if necessary

  • Allow manager to approve/reject and lock timesheets so they can't be adjusted anymore

The approvals feature is based on pay periods. These are usually months (if you pay your staff monthly). Whenever a pay period ends, the approvals process starts:

The chart above shows how the timesheet approval process works for both team members and timesheet approvers 

Forcing team members to review and submit their own hours

Once a pay period ends, team members will receive a notification to review their timesheets. On the approvals page, they will be able to access a specific pay period like the one below. 

In the pay period (16 May until 15 June in this example) they can can view all time tracked, make changes to the entries, and submit it to the manager with a note.

Reviewing and approving team member’s timesheets

When a team member submits their timesheet, the manager can review, adjust (if necessary), approve or reject them from the Submitted tab on the Approvals overview page as shown below. 

Whenever a timesheet is approved, it is locked from any further adjustments. Check out this article to learn more about approving timesheets.

Exporting approved timesheets 

  1. Click on the Export button on the bottom left of the approvals page

  2. Select any pay period or filter out specific statuses (for example only approved)

  3. Generate

To find out more about exports, you can read this article

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