Who can approve timesheets?
Timesheets can only be approved by a team owner, admin, or team manager. Team owners and admins have access to everyone's timesheets whereas managers can only access timesheets of their managed staff. You can read more about roles and permissions in this article.

Viewing the Approvals overview

When a pay period has ended, go to your Approvals overview page to view your team members work summary, including overtime and regular hours. It will look something like the screenshot below. 

From this page, you can approve and reject timesheets directly. You can also bulk approve timesheets. 

When a timesheet is approved or rejected, the team member gets a notification. Once a timesheet has been approved, the entries in the pay period will be locked for both the team member and the approver. To make changes to the timesheet after approval, you will need to un-approve the timesheet first. 

Viewing detailed timesheet summaries 

Sometimes, viewing a summary of your team members hours is not enough. There may be a few timesheets that you need to inspect further, perhaps those who are clocking too few or too many hours? You can do that by clicking on a team member's name in the overview to see their daily timesheet. 

Lets look at a submitted timesheet below: 

  1. Jonathan clocked over 200 hours in a month, assuming he is supposed to work 8 hours a day, he should be clocking 8 hrs x 5 days x 4 weeks = 160 hours. That's an additional 40 hours of overtime that he's now logged! 

  2. He's either a really hard worker or something's off! Jonathan's manager can scroll through the daily timesheets to see if there are any problems or if he forgot to clock out on certain days. 

  3. His manager can then edit the timesheet before approving it, or ask Jonathan to make changes by rejecting the submission. 

Pro Tip: If you want team members to adjust their timesheets for approval, please ensure that the 'Allow team members to edit/delete entries on their timesheets' policy is set to 'Allow'. You can change that by navigating to Settings > Policies.

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