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How to Track Time?

Tracking time using web, mobile, kiosk, desktop or slack

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There are currently 5 ways you can track time by Jibbling in or out: 

1) Web

If you login to the web app (via you will see a Jibble in/out button at the top right of the screen.

2) Slack or MS Teams

If you have Jibble installed on Slack or MS Teams, then the members of your team can jibble in and out easily via the Jibble bot available on both platforms. This method allows for a very convenient way to track time for your team. 

See more details here

3)  Attendance Kiosk for iPad or Android Tablet

If biometric validation is important to you, such as most manufacturing, retail, F&B, and other non-office type environments, then the Jibble Tracker for iOS or Android setup in kiosk mode might be the most appropriate way for your team members to track their time or attendance. 

You can read more about setting up Jibble as a Biometric Attendance Machine in this article.

It's also worth to read our blog post on Setting up an iPad kiosk for time tracking or attendance (iPad only).

4) iPhone & Android

You can track the time on the go with your mobile phone. 

5) MacOS and Windows 

If you download the Jibble desktop app for either MacOS or Windows, and enable the Desktop Productivity power-up, you will be able to record screenshots and desktop engagement level while tracking time. You can read more about productivity tracking here

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