Power-Ups (a cool word for "features") extend the functionality of Jibble to meet the needs of different companies.

For example, a company may need to report on time spent by their staff on various activities/projects and others want to bill their time to Clients. However, not all companies want to do this, which is why these power-ups are not available by default. 

Some advanced power-ups may require a paid plan, but the core features, including Facial Recognition, Geolocation and Mobile+ are completely free to use.

Integrations are 3rd party applications (for example Slack) that work with Jibble. These are completely free to use, regardless of your plan.

Existing Power-ups

Activity Tracking - enables companies to record time against projects or department activities.

Client Billing - enables time to be associated with Clients, for invoicing purposes.

Collaboration - setup your team with different roles to enable or disable access to data and features of Jibble.

Policies - configure how jibble will be used by your team. You can enforce (or prevent) usage of specific channels and set which data is accessible/available.

Mobile+ -  extend the functionality of your Attendance Management Kiosk and personal mode on mobile. When enabled, you can require your staff to Jibble In/Out with a passcode in Kiosk mode, or use the Kiosk and personal mode when there is no Internet access available.

Geolocation - with Geolocation, your staff can Jibble In/Out with the GPS location from their phone. You will have access to detailed reports with locations.

Facial Recognition - a great security measure to prevent "buddy punching". Your staff Jibbles In/Out, whenever there is a face mismatch (a suspicious entry) you will receive an e-mail! 

Desktop Productivity - allows you to monitor your team's productivity by recording screenshots and monitoring desktop engagement levels of team members jibbling on the desktop app

Existing Integrations

Track your time and attendance more efficiently by integrating the Jibble bot with your tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Find out more about Integrations here

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