Setting up Jibble is easy. Check out the video below for a basic set-up (activity tracking):

The basics

Signing up
You can signup from, or straight from All you have to do is fill in your name, e-mail address and create a password.

Creating a team
If you are setting up Jibble completely for your team you can create one yourself. You can always change the team name if necessary.

Adding users
You can immediately invite users to the team you just created. Just fill in their e-mails and an invitation will be sent to them straight away. You can always invite users later on. Read more about that in this article.

Configuring Power-ups
Power-ups are add-ons that you can use to customize Jibble. The most basic ones are Activity Tracking and Client Billing

Jibbling In/Out
There are many ways to track time and attendance. You can use the Slack integration, an iPad Kiosk, the web app, the desktop app or your mobile phone. Read more about that here.

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