Enabling the Activity Tracking from Power-ups menu allows you to add activities (or projects) and then track time against them so you can generate useful reports for payroll, clients, job costing or work productivity. You need to start by adding activities.

1. Add Activities

Go to: Settings > Activities > Add Activity

2. Jibble In against the Activities

To track time against an activity you jibble in to it, through either the jibble bot in Slack or the Web app.

a. Slack

  • Select the jibble bot user and type ‘in’ or use the command /jibble in. See the full bot command list for more info
  • Select the activity from the list
  • Add any optional notes (useful for references, like an Asana or Trello card link)
  • The next time you jibble in the time tracked will be stopped for that activity and transferred to the new activity if you jibble in or time will be stopped completely if you jibble out

b. Web app

  • Jibble In by clicking the Jibble In/Out icon from the top right of the app or from the daily timesheet for the day you want to add time for. See How to track time for more info
  • The activity drop down and notes text field can be seen from the popup.


A typical work day could be:

  • 8.45AM - I start work. My first job today is product testing.
  • 10.07AM - I'm done with the first tests and I start with some user testing.
  • 12.29PM - I go for lunch
  • 1.17PM - I'm done with lunch and continue testing
  • 3.30PM - Having a coffee break before I start on my last task for today
  • 4PM - I start working on a new task
  • 6.13 - I'm done for today.

A day like this would be registered as: in (product testing), in (testing), in (break), in (testing), in(break), in (web development), out.

Note that you do not have to jibble out after every in. Once you jibble in on a new task, you're automatically jibbled out from the previous one.

3. Activity Breakdown from Employees’ Daily Timesheets

Go to: Timesheets > Click the team members day/time that you want to see more detail for. In the example above (2), the timesheet would look like this:

4. Activity Reports

Allow you to report on activities across the whole team or company. Essential for managers or finance staff for payroll or client billing

Reports > Group By: Activity > Filter Box “Activity Name”

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