Once you have enabled and setup the Work Schedules Power-Up you can export timesheets with overtime calculations. 

As we covered in this introduction to work schedules, there are 3 different overtime rules. We'll go through the calculations below.

  1. Weekly Overtime which is calculated based on the amount of time worked in addition to the maximum number of hours (threshold) per week
  2. Daily Overtime which is based on the amount of time worked in excess of the threshold but within limits of the Daily Double Overtime threshold.
  3. Daily Double Overtime which is calculated as any hours in excess of the threshold. This number should always be higher than the Daily Overtime.

Exported File With Overtime Calculations

Let's say your employees have to work 5 days a week from 9 to 6 every day including a 1 hour break. They only have to clock in during the morning, and clock out when they go home. Their timesheets should equal:

  • 9 hours a day (9 to 6 including breaks)
  • 45 hours a week (including breaks)

In your company you make use of all overtime rules:

  1. Daily OT: after 8 hours of working (excluding breaks)
  2. Daily Double OT: after 12 hours of working (excluding breaks) 
  3. Weekly OT: after working more than 40 hours in a week (excluding already paid OT hours & breaks)
  4. A 30 minute lunch break
  5. A 15 minute coffee break

To view the overtime hours you will need to go to Timesheets > Click "Export" at the bottom of the page (read more here).  An export file for 3 team members for 1 week could look like this:

Daily overtime calculation:

In this example, Michelle worked 15.87 hours on Monday. We can remove a total of 1.25 hours of that to lunch breaks so her "real time worked" is 14.62 hours.

  1. The Double Daily OT threshold was 12 hours so she worked 2.62 hours (14.62-12) Double Daily OT
  2. The Daily OT Threshold was 8 hours with a max of 12 (because that's when Doubly OT starts). So she worked a total of 4 hours of Daily OT.
  3. Which leaves the rest of "regular work time" of 8 hours (14.62 - 2.62 - 4) 

Weekly overtime calculation:

Weekly overtime is always added to the last day of the working week. By default that's a Sunday but you can adjust this in your team settings.

In this example, David tracked a total of 65.92 hours in a work week.
Just like above we will deduct the total of break hours (6+1.5) which leaves us with 58.42 hours of actual time worked.

In addition we will deduct

  • The total Daily Double OT for the week: 1.2 hours
  • The total Daily OT: 11.35 hours

This leaves us with 45.87 "regular hours" worked (58.42-1.2-11.35). This is higher than the Weekly OT threshold of 40 hours so the Weekly Overtime is 5.87 hours.

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