Team Timesheets

There are 3 types of Team Timesheet views available to team admins:

Team's Daily Timesheet

This view provides a great overview of what everyone is working on during the day and time being spent on each activity/project.  As you can see someone worked late at night...very keen! :)

Team's Weekly Timesheet

Provides an overview of your team's weekly hours.  To drill down into more detail for someone just click on the day for the appropriate person.

Team's Monthly Timesheet

You can easily see if someone worked on a particular day and for how long.  The darker the orange the more time they clocked.  Grey means they didn't jibble any time.  You can drill down into a day by clicking on the grey or orange cell.

Personal Timesheets

There are 3 types of Personal Timesheet views available to all team members including team admins:

Personal Daily Timesheet

This is useful for reviewing the daily activity of a team member and this is where all the edits can take place.  See How to Add or Edit Manually.  All the notes or tasks that have been logged against a Jibble entry are viewable from this view.

Personal Weekly Timesheet

Many teams will be running payroll or reviewing timesheets on a weekly basis and this is the view to use for that.  Time by activity is broken down and any Client work is also categorized.

Personal Monthly Timesheet

If you're running  payroll on a monthly basis or issuing invoices to clients for each person, then this can be a useful view.

In all the personal timesheets you'll note that the time spent on activities are displayed as a pie chart for a quick overview.

Download / Export Timesheets

Timesheet summaries and detailed logs can also be downloaded as an Excel (.xls) or CSV (.csv) spreadsheet file.

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