All time entries can be exported to a (.XLS) format to use with your spreadsheet program. You have two options: export timesheets for payroll or export reports for client billing/project costing/productivity, etc.

Exporting Timesheets For Payroll

You can download Excel files for an overview of all your team’s hours over a certain period:

  1. Go to the Timesheets page and click on Export at the bottom
  2. Select your date range, the team members that you would like to include, and if you’d like individual time entries in separate tabs (see below) 
  3. Include removed team members (if applicable)
  4. Generate the Excel file

The file link will be sent to your e-mail address or you can refresh the page and download it from the timesheets page after 1 minute.

The Timesheet Tabs

By default the Excel file has two tabs. A summary (overview) and “All Time Entries” which is a list of all IN/OUT entries for all team members.  

Tab 1 example: Summary List Of Employees

Tab 2 example: All Time Entries

The detailed logs per individual

If you checked "Show Individual time entries in separate tabs", when exporting, you will get an additional worksheet for each member that will look something like this:

These logs will list out time entries for the week/month you selected. From left to right:

  • Date
  • In/Out  (note that an "In" is counted as an "Out" if the preceding entry was also an "In").  So In, In, Out is the same as In, Out, In Out.  This short-hand is used to save the user from jibbling Out before In for a new activity.  See Activity Tracking for more details
  • The exact time when someone jibbled In/Out
  • The duration of their In entry or the activity duration they jibbled In for
  • Client (if applicable)
  • Activity (if applicable)
  • Any notes added whilst making the In/Out entry

In some cases, you might see the text PREV IN (short for "Previous In")

It will be present if an In entry was recorded prior to midnight without an Out

Example: I jibble in at 07:48 AM on 8 August, but I never jibbled out. On the 9th of August, I jibble in again at 08:49 AM. In this case, the report will show the following:

  • On 8 August, I have an IN entry at 07:48 AM, the total activity time duration for this IN is registered as 16 hours and 11 minutes (from 07:48 AM until 12.00 AM-midnight).
  • On 9 August, the unfinished IN is registered as PREV IN with the same registration time as the original (07:48 AM). The total activity time duration for this action is 8 hours and 49 minutes as I clocked in again at 8:49 AM (from 12 AM-midnight, until 08:49 AM).

The generated timesheet will be in Microsoft Excel (.XLS) format which can be used with most spreadsheet programs, including Apple's Numbers and Google Sheets which are both free for use.

Download an example timesheet Excel file.

Exporting Reports

When you run reports, you'll have the option to export to an Excel file at the bottom. 

If you generate a report first, all the filters will be passed on but if you don't, you have to select the following options:

This export modal gives you some options:

  1. Filters - You can filter out any member name, activities or clients (if applicable).
  2. Group By - You can group your time entries by user name, activities, or clients (if you have them)
  3. Subgroup - Same as the above, this gives you a separate column next to the first group.

Example Export - Group By: Activities, Subgroup: Clients

As you can see, the sheet is sorted a bit differently:

  • Column A shows the list of Activities (grouped by activities)
  • Column B gives you the list of clients that your team has worked on for those activities (subgroup).

You can always decide to remove the subgroup by leaving it blank when downloading the file.

Download an example report Excel file.

Note: you can change the time format from decimal to HH:MM by changing your user settings. You can learn more about that in this help article.

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