You can choose from three different plans and two different pricing methods. Depending on your team size, structure and your method of tracking time & attendance one plan might be more applicable for you than the other.

The Basic Plan

This plan gives you access to all basic time & attendance features. With the basic plan you will be able to:

A Power Plan (Lite or Pro)

If you need more detailed timesheet reporting (e.g. for projects or clients), security policies or location based tracking, a Power Plan is definitely the way to go. With a Power Plan you will get full access to all power-ups. This unlocks advanced features that enable you to:

  • Assign multiple team administrators and managers
  • Have your staff log detailed time tracking on different activities/projects, clients and record tasks/notes
  • Run detailed reports and exports on these activities and clients. Know exactly how much time your staff have spent per activity, project or department (depends how you set this up)
  • Verify time entries with our Facial Recognition power-up to ensure staff members don't "buddy punch"
  • Track your staff members' GPS location when they Jibble In/Out through their mobile phone and geofence around locations
  • Add passcodes to your attendance kiosk so staff members can only Jibble In/Out with their personal code
  • Set your mobile devices in offline mode in case there is limited internet connectivity
  • Customize security policies to enforce your staff members to Jibble in/out from specific devices or restrict them from viewing data
  • Setup specific work schedules for your staff members for automated overtime calculation and breaks (coming soon)

There are two Power Plans available: Power Pro which gives you unlimited usage of all power-ups, and Power Lite which enables usage of any 3 Power-Ups.

The different payment methods

Monthly: Our monthly plans are based on the concept of Monthly Active Users which means that you only pay for what you use per month. For example if you invite your whole team of 100 members but only 30 of them use Jibble during a month, you will only pay for those active members. Note: there is a minimum charge of 5 users on the monthly plan

Annually When you have a team with a lot of full-time staff, the annual plan is the way to go. When you purchase an annual plan you can purchase a fixed number of user licenses with a 25% discount. 

Learn more about prices and our billing / invoicing method.
Learn more about how to select or change your subscription plan

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