The Settings page is viewable to the team administrator from the navigation bar on the left.  The settings are organised into tabs:

Company Details

Team Name - Or company name.  This would have been populated already if you signed up with Slack

Time Zone - this is where the timesheets Approval period will be based

Start Day for the Week - by default it is set to Monday but some organisations start their week on a different day.  The timesheet start days are updated if this option is changed

Starting Month - by default it is set to January, the start of the calendar year.  Some organisations may choose to set this to align with the start of their financial year. It's applicable when it comes to reports and viewing attendance records.

Working Hours in a Day - by default is set to 8.  This number is used to calculate various stats in regards to attendance (see the stats tab in a person's profile) and also in reports where a day is equal to the number of working hours set here.  So for example, 10 hours would be equivalent to 1.2 days

Automatic Jibble Out - if you don't require your staff members to Jibble out themselves, you can let the system do this for them. You can either select a number of hours (not cumulative) after which they are Jibbled out or set a specific time at which they will be Jibbled out every day.

Reminder - if this is enabled, members of the team will get a notification 5 minutes before they get automatically jibbled out

Team Members Sorted By - by default your team member list and timesheets are sorted by First Name but the order can be changed here

Client Billing Currency - only visible if you've enabled the Client Billing power-up. This will set the currency that is used in reports that display billable hours and the currency of the Billable Rate field which appears in a team member's profile.


From here you can upgrade or downgrade your Jibble subscription plan.

Other Tabs

Additional settings become available if various power-ups have been enabled: -

Activities tab - see How to use Activity Tracking?
Clients tab - see How to use Client Billing?

Locations tab - see How to force users to Jibble in/out from a specific location?

Approvals - see How do timesheet approvals work?

Policies - see How to use Policies?

Work Schedules - see How to setup Work Schedules for your staff?

Integrations - see What are Integrations?

Holidays - see How to set-up Public Holidays?

You can enable these from the Power-Ups icon on the left of the navigation bar, which is only accessible to the team admin or owner.

Multiple Teams

If you are managing multiple teams, you will note that the settings are different for each team. When you change the teams you can change the settings. Read more about this in: Creating and Joining Multiple Teams

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